Tip #3 when your emotions are riding a roller coaster

When your emotions are riding a roller coaster?

3. Limit your time around situations and people you find only add to your stress right now. ⠀

If that means not answering the phone when certain people call, then don’t.

Likewise for email and attending family gatherings.

If saying no or saying nothing is best for you right now, then do so.

BUT give these over to God.

Invite Him into the situation or relationship.

Ask Him to help you to deal with them, or let them go when you are able to reengage again. ⠀

Word: “Your name is a strong tower, the righteous run into it and they are safe.” Proverbs 18:10⠀

Worship – “We Will Run” by Jesus Culture: https://buff.ly/2tFaI74⠀



Tip #2 for when your emotions are moving like a roller coaster from grief or stress

Tip #2 for when your emotions are moving like a roller coaster from grief or stress: Spend time reading the Word.⠀

The Psalms especially draw me in with their honesty and cries before God. David, Solomon, a few worship leaders such as Asaph poured their hearts out to God, and found comfort in doing so. It’s refreshing to know you are not alone, that God answered their prayers, and is for us, not against us, as He reveals Himself to us through His Word.⠀

Word: “The LORD is close to the brokenhearted; He rescues those whose spirits are crushed.” Psalm 34:18 NLT⠀

Worship: “Your Name/Cry of the Broken,” Darlene Zschech – https://buff.ly/2tGl6eN⠀


tip 1 to finding solid ground when your emotions are riding a roller coaster

What do you do when your emotions are moving like a roller coaster from grief or stress?

How do you find solid ground again under your feet?

This week, I share 4 tips to do just that.⠀

1. Be honest with yourself, and God.

Ask yourself: “Is any of this my perception vs reality? Am I over tired and doing too much? Am I bottling how I really feel within?”

If you answer yes to any of the above, ask Him to help you see where/what you can change, and show you how.

PS. There is nothing you are feeling or thinking that He isn’t already aware of!⠀

Word: “Pour out your heart like water before the Lord…” Lamentations 2:19⠀

Worship: “Come to the Altar,” Elevation Worship – https://buff.ly/2Fwv4oR⠀


when your old clothes no longer fit

HIHP site coverThere are times when you know that you know that you know, you know? 🙂

This weekend, I had one of those.

I had worked on my vision/passion statement back in October in a workshop, then promptly filed it away and forgot about it.

But God didn’t.

And He has been taking me on a journey to becoming not only available, but more obedient.

Part of which is filtering things through not only what works for my schedule and family, but what fits best with what He has called me to do.

Offering Hope to the hurting, the broken, and the lonely.

That meant I needed to rethink everything. What and how I am writing, what I am studying, how and when I am ministering, where to go next.

As much as I loved my old logo, it no longer fits. Because I am not who I used to be, even five years ago when I launched this blog.

So welcome to the new look. You will notice my website address will be changing in a few days, and my social media links have changed as well.

I am excited about this change, for it is not only stretching but gets my heart pumping, my knees before His throne and my hands itching to get into the Word!

But more importantly, I can hardly wait to see what He has in store for those (us!) who diligently seek Him!





when you realize you are the mountain blocking your own way

These past two weeks, my eyes have been busy refocusing.

I love how God uses the Word, my small group study, and the worship music I am listening to open my eyes to the truth.

I am almost always the mountain in the way of trusting God with whatever is facing me.

For when I allow my feelings to distract me from keeping my eyes fixed on His, and my feet following His – I become the block which needs to be removed for my own faith to flourish.

Instead of worrying about what is surrounding me in this world, I need press deeper in to His arms and allow His Presence to surround me, calm me and direct me.

Not basing my response on what I can see, but on the faithfulness of the One who sees all, all the time!

For it occurred to me this morning that if I am made in His image? His faithfulness would also have been imprinted upon me!

So remaining faithful mirrors His character!

Abba, allow this truth to sink deep within, and resonate into every aspect of my character. I can be faithful, for not only is it an ability You can strengthen me in, it is actually part of me – because of how You made me! I thank You that Your faithfulness never ends, and remains ever constant. Even when I cannot see, these truths stands as a testimony to Your faithfulness:

  • You are ever before me
  • You are ever covering me
  • You are ever with me
  • You are ever for me
  • You are ever empowering and loving me.

when the questions come, of One thing i am sure

Most days, I am unsure about pretty much everything. Will I get it all done? Will I have enough? When will this pass? What’s up ahead?

I have come to realize that most of my questions, okay – almost all of my questions, will never see an answer on earth. But the point of my questions isn’t so much hearing the answers. It is actually the way I process what is happening around me, and more often lead to more worrying and anxiety than being helpful to me.

So I have given up spending hours and hours pondering things that I don’t know the answers to, and instead am investing in building my trust and faith by spending my time focusing on the One I do know. The faithful One who has never failed to be with me, speak words of comfort to me, guide me as I put His Words into practice, and who loves me with a fierceness which takes my breath away.

I am safe, no matter what, because I am sure He will never fail to faithfully love me!

“Every choice I make I second guess, a thousand questions ringin’ in my head. I look down every road, there’s so much that’s still unknown to me…

But I am sure of this – that Your faithfulness never ends, never fades, it’s the brightest star in the deepest dark. I’ll place my hope in the truth I know. No matter what this life may bring, Your love will not let go. I am sure, I am sure.

You’re steady when I’m certain to arise, stronger when I’m pressed from every side. But Your love will hold me fast, whatever comes to pass – I am safe, I am safe…” – Dan Bremnes, I am Sure

“Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.” Hebrews 10:23

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do i trust You Lord

I’m coming baaaaaccccck!

Hi all,

Now that I fixed my WordPress account and have a new phone, I will be returning to blogging as of January 31st.

For the month of January, I have been taking part in my local church’s 30 days of prayer, with a guided booklet and Holy Spirit leading the way.

It was very strange yet oddly liberating to have someone else pick the content for the day.

Until I realized that if I am listening to and acting upon Holy Spirit’s promptings…I am already doing just that!!

I look forward to reconnecting with you next week!

A very thankful and energized Karla 🤓

Hold on to hope despite and during the pressing

NOTE: Wow, it has taken me longer than anticipated to return to this blog. Thank you for your grace and patience with me.  I am still waiting upon clarification for how I am to write in the New Year, but felt pressed to share this message with y’all this morning.

Life is not an easy journey, is it?

We might feel that we are in a clear sailing season, until the waves begin to swell, the sail gets torn, the rudder cracks and the compass starts to spin in circles.

It never seems to be one thing which tries to press us, does it? Because you and I? We could easily handle one isolated thing happening at a time.  But as we all know, it never rains, it seems to pour.

We are not as separate from our situations as we would like. 

Lose that job? No savings to fall back on? Fear decides to lay itself on top of these, and drive our emotions into hyper frenzy in a split second.

Lose a confidant? Best friend moving away? Mentor moving on? Graduate from your program? Anxiety over your future to come without the safety net of your usual support network can spiral out of control.

Lose grip on your staff? Kids acting up? Mom or MIL pressing your buttons and spiking your blood pressure? Stress can drive us to seeking quick fixes or hiding our head in the sand to avoid uncomfortable conversations or enforcing our boundaries?

Neither are we as alone as we think.

I am reminded this morning in Psalm 3 that David can relate to much of what we are facing most days.  The youngest of a brave bunch of men, he lost a job He was good at (shepherd) to follow God’s lead to become king.  And it was not smooth sailing!

When King Saul turned against him? He couldn’t run home, he had to leave his wife and best friend behind. He had limited resources, lived with a motley crew for years on the run as he waited for God to deliver him. Literally.

He is restored into position but not until his father in law had already given his wife to another, his best friend and brother in law died, and the kingdom was spinning in turmoil from all the drama.

Then in the palace? David’s many children by his several wives were jockeying for position and following their passions no matter what.  One tried to oust him, another raped his half-sister. His first born from a lustful affair dies soon after the court’s prophet outs his hidden secret.

This is a real man with real issues, one whose story we can relate to one way or another.

And he never stopped seeking God when he was being pursued or came face to face with his sin, in each space between the rock and the hard place penning him in.

Psalm 3 is a perfect example. (You can read it online in the Message version here )

  1. He doesn’t pull back from telling God what he needs from Him.
  2. He acknowledges when God does move.
  3. He praises Him for the rescue yet to come.

What does this mean to you and I?

It’s a reminder that God will never stop looking out for and caring for His children – NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO.

For David – the man referred to as the man after God’s heart – was not perfect.

  1. He was flawed, just like you and I.
  2. He tried to hide his mistakes, just like you and I.
  3. He sometimes stepped out before he thought about the path he would be heading on, just like you and I.

The one thing David did do right?

He kept letting God catch him, clean him, restore him and set him on the right path. Over and over again.

And here is the wonder of this true story – God not only never stopped reaching for David, He never stopped looking out for Him.

For His love is a never ending torrent designed to fill us, wash us clean and lift us up to where we were always meant to be…

Close to Him.

If you feel like you are smack between a rock and a hard place right now?

  1. Know that God is right there beside you to hold you close in this painful moment.
  2. He will never stray from your side, no matter what might have brought you to this place.
  3. He is for you, and has only good things in mind for you in your future.
  4. You can get through this, with God’s help.

Like David?

  • Keep calling out to Him as you hold on tight during the pressing.
  • Ask Him to move.
  • Thank Him when He does.
  • Proclaim His might will move in your future.
  • Rest in His embrace when He brings you out on the other side!

hope between rock and a hard place




Oops I did it again!

Hi all,

I have been having difficulty posting, as I disconnected access to my site from my phone.

And then have been pulling crazy 60-70 hour work weeks on the go.

Sooooo….. I am taking some steps to sort things out.

But until I do?

Know that He absolutely adores you, so much He sent Jesus to come to earth and become one of us.  God with us, Emmanuel.

I still get a thrill of hope from that line, and I hope you do too!!

Until my site is fully back up and running properly, please connect with me on social media. @hopenhispresenz



Love overcomes

This past week was a whirlwind of highs and lows, and if I had not been purposefully looking for His love throughout my days? I am not sure I would have come out unscathed, or feeling as free!

Early Sunday morning, I heard a bridge of a song as I was driving to worship team practice.  I made mention of it to the worship leader before the service, and then put it out of my mind.

The speaker that service preached on moving forward, and closed almost exactly with the words of that same bridge He has put on my heart in the car.

What I realized in that moment?

His love is more than enough to help me overcome the things which try to bring me down, whether enemy based, unkind words or battling my own desires to sin. For His love is sustaining me as it actively moves on my behalf to help see me through whatever I may be facing.

And the song lyrics He used to remind me of this aspect of His love?

“I see You move, You’re moving mountains. And I believe I’ll see You do it again. You made a way where there was no way, and I believe I’ll see You do it again.” – Elevation Worship

By remaining focused on His Love, I am seeing His hand more clearly moving throughout the moments I live.  I am hearing Him remind me, over and over, of His Love. I am sensing His love for me, no matter what, as I tune in to His voice.

And by doing so this past week? It has made me realize I never want to stop focusing on Him!

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