E ternally His choice

My husband loves to garden, and every year he tries to pick out a few plants he thinks I would like. This year’s choice was a winner to my heart. But knowing he chose it with me in mind makes me feel very loved.

God did the same for me, when He chose me.

I like to think of it this way…

If I was running in an election, I would be His choice. He’d elect me for the position He has for me… as His child.

The knowledge of that choice? Priceless!

The next time you feel unwanted, overlooked or are last to be chosen, rest in this truth… You were and are His choice to live in His heart, & with Him in heaven!!!

#Hischoicealways #whoiamtoYou  #hopefortheharddays  #AtoZofhowYoudefineme


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