grace for today

Somehow I made I through my day.
Not from the level of stressors, or my bleeding resurgence, but because of His grace.
The timing in which I read a Word is in His hands.
I believe in God incidents, not coincidence.
He reminds me of His love.
Grace for all my circumstances.
Mercy for when I take the wrong path, and turn back towards the right one.
Patience for that which I cannot control.
Kindness when it was needed.
The gift of laughter and good news when I needed them throughout the day.
A warm dinner waiting when I got home, despite my eldest not feeling well herself.
A bear hug from my son.
A DVD date with my hubby.
All of these remind me how much grace God shows me each and every day.
Enough grace for the moment I am in, whenever that moment is.
Weary and worn, but not overwhelmed except by grace.


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