let grace happen, surrender

Tooth and nail, I fight to try and get right with God.
Force myself to do the right things, forgive others, listen for His voice and follow His lead.
But I missed the big picture somehow along the way.
I have been given weapons of safety, as all His children have.
A shield, like the ones in Roman days, to block the enemy’s fiery arrows and darts.
A sword, to be used to defend myself.
A helmet, the covering of being set free and redeemed by God.

But its the breastplate that I somehow missed putting on lately.

His righteousness covering my heart, keeping it His. Soft, pliable, full of His love to be poured out for those around me.

Instead, i keep trying to love in my own strength. And my heart becomes drained, hurt and weary in the process.

My way doesn’t work.

I am not whole, clean on my own.
I need the breastplate of His wholeness and holiness.
Every moment.

I know what I am capable of without it.

And it isn’t pretty, coz my heart isn’t holy.

God’s heart covering mine makes it beat with true love.

Its the only way.

So I surrender my heart to You Lord.
I agree that apart from You, it is incomplete, desperately needing a transplant.
I accept Your gift of grace, Your heart for me. I allow it to sink in and soak through and change me as only You can.

I can rest knowing my heart is safe in Your hands, undercover of the breastplate You have given me.

May we be united- one heart.
Your love my protection and my source.

Hey God, when I forget to put on my breastplate again, will you whisper a little louder to remind me? Thanks!


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