why hug?

I have been fascinated for years over how much better I feel when I am hugged while in a bad mood or stressed out about something.

There are many proven reasons, but I think there is one that doesn’t get mentioned enough.

We were designed for touch.

It is a need, not a want.

We were never meant to be isolated, physically or emotionally from others.

When we are in a rough place, we have a tendency to remove ourselves from the healing aspect of the support of another person.

A shoulder to lean on, a listening ear, and a hug to help booster our spirit in a tangible way that our body cannot deny.

We need to know someone cares.
All the time.

It has been said in a previous quote that 4 hugs a day are bare minimum for survival, 8 for maintenance and 12 & up to help us grow and bloom.

I hug my children & hubby daily.

One of my kids has a hard time with being hugged, as they are a very private person. So I allow for hanging out time brushing up against their shoulder, pillow fights and back rubs being daily alternates to hugs. But when upset or sick, I pull the hug from my arsenal of helps and use it.

Like the woman at the well or the Jewish leader secretly meeting in the middle of the night, we know when we meet God that He has all we need to be made whole.

He uses other people to help meet those needs of wholeness in our lives.

Jesus made freedom possible, we need others to remind us of that fact when prompted by Holy Spirit.

Words alone cannot comfort unless they are interwoven with love.

A love that is tangible when we cannot see the big picture for the mountain overpowering our vision.

God uses people to help other people.

If you are hurting, for whatever reason, make sure you reach out to those who love and support you, and let them know you need a hug today.

Hugs boost our immunity, release healthy hormones, reduce our blood pressure, calm our nerves, reduce our fear and anxiety, reminding us we are loved and not alone.

The Designer knew what He was doing when He hardwired us for hug therapy.


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