hug on the inside

We are made for more.

As wonderful and healthy it is for us to be hugged by one another, we are still designed for more.

Our spirit is longing to be embraced and loved up on as well. To breathe in deep, to find rest, to surrender to the freedom God has waiting for us.

This Lent, I have worked at giving up complaining, and exchanging my whiny at times attitude for a praise is always on my lips one.

My spirit is unfurling in relief. Literally.

I feel like I have more space inside somehow as I allow God to reshape me within.

He trades my used up brokenness for supercharged wholeness.

Because of Jesus.

I am embraced by the One who set me free from my cage, destroyed the strongholds that bound me, and loves me with breathtaking adoring abandon.

This is the kind of hug on the inside that shapes how I express on the outside.

This hug is available for anyone who wants it, in all its gift wrapped costly beauty.

Bought with a price, filled with wonder and delight.


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