encounter with love

God met me this morning.
He walked into the room,
And everything changed.
My heart started pounding,
My temperature rose.
I felt tingly with living electricity
And rising swells of hope and love
Right down to the bottom of my feet

More amazing to me,
Pain left.
As soon as He touched me.
Love came down and rescued me, set me free and made me His.

A love that reaches down
Opens the cages we are trapped in
Breaks the doors from their hinges
Releasing us
Into freedom.

To be who we were designed to be
Those who are called
to walk with God
To talk with God
To love wholeheartedly
and be loved by God
beyond comprehension

I love You
And I’ll never stop
I can’t live without You, Jesus
I love You
And I can’t get enough
All these words are for You, Jesus

My hands
My heart
My voice
My life
All I am
Is Yours

Spirit break out
Rain down
Fire fall down
On me I pray
As I seek You Lord
Fill my heart
I give my heart to You, my King
All I need is You
Forever more.


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