I am about to read a new fiction book by Karen Kingsbury, one of my favorite authors.
I was hooked on the words on the front cover:


They looked for a miracle
And found it in a song.

This could have been my testimony if ‘they’ was ‘she’.

I was lost, locked up within from emotional pain and intense loneliness, seeking answers.

As a singer and musician, I had a tendency to flock with those like me. I had a friend who really liked a musician in a local band who brought me along to hear them.

And I heard a song that changed my life.

A ballad by Bryan Adams that night that spoke right into my deepest wants and needs.


Love is all that I need, and I found it there in Your arms.

And the stories I had heard, and taught, in church became alive.

Now nothing can take You away from me, we’ve been down that road before but that’s over now, You keep me coming back for more.

Lyrics that changed as I sensed God was singing this song over me, and my spirit sang back in unabashed response.

I was so inwardly moved that I contacted a good friend, and asked him a bunch of questions.

He and his brothers, guided by God, helped me find the answers I was seeking.

In Jesus.

One made me a mixed tape of awesome godly based music in response to my concern over using my talents, as music is so integrally hardwired into me.

One brought me to the Easter story dramatized to the song the Countdown, which visually impacted me and cemented the truth I knew within, that Jesus died for me.

One took me for coffee, and we hung out in the parking lot chatting over how to let go and give control of my life over to God.

It took three to bring me to faith.

It took Three to draw me to Him.

The adoration of the Father.

The love of the Son.

The wooing words whispered by the Spirit.

And somehow, miraculously, I was unlocked.

I love the other fact that it was a song written and performed by a fellow Canadian. Bring real and true to who you are has always been important to me.

God knew that in choosing this song to confirm His love for me.

If He can speak through mules, i firmly believe He can use any media He chooses to reach us to unlock us and set us free.

Free to be the me He designed me to be.


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