I have a habit of giving things 110% effort.

As long as I see the value in it.

Yet life is full of things that we need to do, even if we don’t think they are important.





As a follower of God, I would also add:

Feeding on the Word

Soaking in His Presence

Practicing Gratitude

Remaining in His Rest.

We don’t remain strong physically or emotionally without the first four, we allow our spiritual strength to be sapped away from the next four.

Which leaves us to the beginning again, baby steps as it were.

I do pretty well with those 8 steps until I get to the last one.

I have a tendency to wander within me.  To keep moving and reaching for more when I should be at rest.

Usually, I end up having to physically rest in order for my inner self to be reminded to rest in Him.

I was given a word last night to do just that. And I knew exactly what that means for me.

Rest in Him.

Be still before Him regularly.

Invite Him in.

To each and every thing, situation, project, relational or physical OE emotional issue.

To be so assured with His presence within that I can feel at rest no matter what.

I have moments like these, but God is calling me to a lifestyle of rest. The attitude of confidence that no matter what, He is in control and I can have peace. And to remain in that rest.

Resting within while surrounded by stormy gales.

Knowing God is for me, loves me deeply, and is fighting for me in each and every battle.

Rest in me, He invites.

Awaken, sleeping beauty.
Your prince has come,
And with His kiss,
You have been restored.
Arise, my beloved,
Come away with me.
Together forever
Begins in the here and now.
Rest in my everlasting love.


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