when the ebb is low

I don’t know about you, but I don’t usually have extreme ebbs and flows in my life.
Yesterday was a high tide day, where I jumped in the river with no holds barred. It was outside my comfort zone, and awesome.

This morning, it continued.

It ebbed into a low by the time I got home from work, once I shifted out of work mode.

I ran out of gas.

I had forgotten earlier yesterday that I was working a day shift today, and skipped dinner, eating only a snacky meal before 4pm, then hit the hay as soon as I got home, without eating.
Error number one.

I didn’t have a great quiet time this am, as I only had a plan A, and didn’t prep properly for plan B. Ball one.

I didn’t eat breakfast on time, and skipped lunch today. Strike two.

I was hungry enough to want to eat my husband when he picked me up!

Right now, I have a minor annoying health problem that needs me to healthily fuel my body.

A freelance part timer who has a bit of a zany schedule right now, in part due to the Olympics, Paralympics, and a bunch of project work on the go, I tend to put my needs to the back burner when it gets busy. I don’t take a break at times, not because I can’t, but because I want to keep going, and think I will be fine.

Strike out.

There are times when mind isn’t best over matter.

And so, my mood ebbed to follow my lack of fuel.

I did not know just how susceptible I am to these kinds of changes in my diet until the headache kicked in and I felt immensely alone with everyone else out tonight.

Refueling as I write.
Chicken. Corn. Green Beans. Water.

Early to bed. So I can early to rise tomorrow and put a back up plan in place so I keep on top of my food intake, and necessary spiritual feeding too.

Thankful God still speaks to us, to me. He is always able to show us the correct path to take, to steer us away from the potato chip pitfalls, towards healthy take care of your temple self care.

Even when I behave only slightly better than a stubborn mule!


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