why worship?

Over the years, I have had many conversations about the topic of worship. I don’t think I have that unique a view of worship, but figure maybe its time to put it into words and onto paper.

Worship isn’t about us, you or me.

Which may sound crazy to those who know me, as a singer and worship leader, but its true.

When we make worship about us, we are not worshipping.
We are just singing about worship.

Worship is designed for one purpose only. To bless and minister to God.

Praise songs thank God for what He has done, which gets us in the right mindset to worship, but on their own, they are not worship.

Worship is pouring yourself out in God’s presence, for His glory.

Creating an atmosphere for God to move in, an invitation for God to do what He wants in and through and with us.

There have been times where my focus has been on pleasing the congregation, or fitting the songs in the set amount of time, or how it sounded. I can no longer do that when I worship. I have stepped out of the old and into the newness of worship being for God’s delight, not mine. I worship as He prompts, sensitive to where He is wanting to go and obedient to follow the flow.

This was a lesson I had to learn twice.

Both times, I was stripped down to almost nothing emotionally before I understood this lesson. In the pain of open heart surgery, God met me and restored me.

As a result, I no longer worship the same way I used to. Part of me is now able to worship at the drop of a hat, for God’s glory.

Sometimes when you are good at something, it takes a mighty move to see things from the right perspective, as I have learned first hand.

Worship is a gift from God for us to return to God, for His glory and pleasure alone.

That doesn’t mean we are not changed or blessed or able to find delight as we worship, because you can’t encounter a living vibrant amazing God without being changed for the better. My musical skill and ability to communicate are amplified beyond my natural ability when He leads me in worship. I find such peace in expressing myself through worship to God I can barely explain it save for this:

I am the most me when I make God the most Him I can in worship.

You may think this bizarre thinking, yet we are all designed to minister to God’s heart by God Himself.

Join me and come back to the heart of worship, which is all about Him.


Picture from: http://www.enstb.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/worship.jpg


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