diamonds in the rough

I am blessed to be sisters by choice with eight exceptional women.
(For their privacy, I will be using initials, and not giving out confidential details.)
These women are all diamonds in the rough. Knowing them has revealed their true quality.


LB has faithfully pressed in to God when all around her seems to fall apart. I see her name as Faith. Rock solid, devoted, enduring, unshakeable faith. She inspires me to give all I carry over to God. Her faithfulness is legendary in heaven, I believe.

KW carries a great deal on her plate. An avid athletic supporter and coach, she has endured more stress in her life than several others combines. I see her as Strength. Her will not give up, spark for life and fight encourages me to rely on God to be my strength. She still stands with her head held high despite the weight of stress on her.

SBM has a heart that is so big, I don’t know how she can stand! She loves deeply, faithfully, giving her all. With such love comes the side effect of deep pain. Despite the pain, she continues to press in to God, and rest in His love. She teaches me that Love is worth it, no matter what. Love always changes us for the better.

BR walks a hard road at times as she faithfully follows her calling. The path has been more challenging than she ever dreamed, yet she walks determined and grounded in Trust. God is her unshakeable rock, and will never fail her. No matter what. She recently held her ground trusting in God for the truth to be revealed. And for that battle, I believe God gave her a depth of trust she had never before experienced. She inspires me to give it all to God, for He is trustworthy.

CJH never fails to bring a smile to my face. She radiates Joy from deep within, walking in the knowledge that she is loved and precious in His sight. She too had had a rollercoaster worth of experiences, but has learned how to leave them behind her and move on to what is ahead with guts and determination. As an ode to her, I try to be more joyful every day.

DWS has learned to be not only a peacekeeper, but a peacemaker. Her depth of understanding in difficult situations is truly a highly developed sense of how humans communicate under duress. She has learned to place her wellbeing in God’s hands, and in Him to find her Peace. She also walks a rough road, but continues to press in and experience Peace despite the day’s ups and downs.

CP may be the youngest of my heart sisters, but she and I are so alike in many ways I can’t believe I haven’t known her all my life. She has walked a hard road at times, but has exhibited a Grace within that is truly precious to behold. She loves fiercely, protects patiently, and has learned God’s character as only a deep grace giver can know. She reminds me that Grace can flow in a way that confounds the world, but reveals His heart.

DG is one of my longest sisterhood relationships dating back to high school. She is the Kindest person I know. She walked beside you and was generous with her time and support. Her strength of character rises to the top of every challenge as she depends on God to direct her steps. She still remembers how much I love penguins after 24 years, and sends me little encouraging notes and cute penguin pics virtually. She inspired me to get more active, and show people God within through a Kind and gentle heart.

For now, these eight are my closest sisters.

We may all be charcoal, but as we continue to walk together, iron sharpening iron, I can see the diamonds God is shaping within, and it gives me HOPE in the midst of my walk that God is more than enough for me, in all things, always. I hope is show that to these sisters as much as they show their true qualities to me.


2 thoughts on “diamonds in the rough”

  1. Thankyou, Karla for your inspiring words and the love that you have shown towards all of these sisters in Christ. Me being one of them! When I read what you wrote about me, it touched my heart deeply and made me cry! You truly are such a blessing and such a wonderful friend! May God continue to use you to touch those lives He brings along your path, as well as into your life! You truly are an example of God’s Love and Grace! God Bless You, My Special and Dear friend! Love Your sister in Christ Liz


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